Meet Keke

Hello beautiful,

I’m Keke, the face behind the brand! I'm a New Jersey native, oldest of five children and first-generation college graduate. I’m an educator, ICF certified Executive Leadership Coach, and LOVER of all things pretty!

My Pretty Girl Notes launched in August 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the world was literally shutdown and many people lost their jobs, I was fortunate to maintain my full-time job as a Student Affairs Practitioner. For over 18 months, I worked remotely and made a personal commitment to come out of the pandemic better than I went in. I invested in a business coach, business trainings and decided to move forward with my long-time dream of starting a stationery company, to uplift and honor black women.

It's my mission to help women in leadership amplify their brand, achieve their goals and increase their net worth. By helping women develop clear goals that align with their values, they become more confident and empowered to CREATE a more meaningful life.

My unique contribution to the world, is that I share my personal setbacks and wins to inspire others to push beyond their fears, achieve their goals and reach new heights! I'm the happiest when helping others accomplish their goals and reach the next level in their journeys.

I want to be known as a kind, fun-loving, creative being, who tackles life head-on, and one who lifts as she climbs. I also want to be remembered as a wonderful daughter, loyal sister and friend. 

Thank you in advance for supporting My Pretty Girl Notes. Until next time, stay pretty and productive!


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